Palliative Care Advice Service

Palliative Care & End of Life Care Advice Service

What is the advice service?
The advice service is where you can speak with a palliative care nurse or doctor about any aspect of a life-limiting illness.

How do I contact the advice service?
Call 1800 360 000

Who is the advice service for?
The service is for all Victorians. It is for people living with life-limiting illness and the people who support them. It’s for family, friends or neighbours. It’s also for doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers and providers.

What is the goal of the advice service? 
The goal of the advice service is to enhance palliative and end of life care for all Victorians, especially in regional and rural areas. We will do this by:

  • providing the general public and clinicians with access, when they need it, to specialist information, guidance and support
  • reducing avoidable presentations to emergency departments
  • supporting people to be cared for and to die in their place of choice.

How is the advice service different from other advice services? 
The advice service will offer information, guidance and support about palliative and end of life care that is:

  • specialist (nursing, medical)
  • related to all life-limiting conditions
  • based in Victoria

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