Palliative care services in Grampians region are part of state wide service coordination.  Service coordination places patients, families and carers, at the centre of service delivery.  Service coordination facilitates access to needed services, opportunities for early intervention, health promotion and improved health and care outcomes.

Service coordination promotes authorised information sharing among health care professionals across disciplines, time and place and is valuable when patients are receiving both health and welfare or social services from different services.

Service coordination aligns services’ practices, processes, protocols and systems, so services are able to remain independent entities and work in a cohesive and coordinated way, enabling patients, families and carers to experience a seamless and integrated response from services.

Specialist, interdisciplinary palliative care and service coordination supports:

  • Direct care to referred patients with health care needs who require complex care
  • Shared care arrangements with other healthcare providers, and
  • Consultation and advice to services and healthcare teams providing palliative care.

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