Grampians Carer Package

Development of a Carer package for safe administration of subcutaneous medications was undertaken in 2015. The project was managed by the Grampians Regional Palliative Care Team, and the Principal Investigator was Regina Kendall, Nurse Practitioner.  A comprehensive project report from the initiative is available here.

One of the challenges in regional and rural areas was lack of access to health care professionals to assist in the administration of injectable medications in the home setting. Carers in the Grampians region were given verbal education about administration of medications by injection in the home, however no visual learning package was available in Victoria to support this.

The Grampians Carer Package was developed to support carers when administering injectable medications in the home. Following consultation with the community advisory committee in early March 2016, the regional community palliative care providers requested that USB’s and laminated reusable cards should be included. The Grampians Region Palliative Care Consortium supported production of a further 150 packs including the required additions.

  • The series of videos for Safe Administration of Subcutaneous Medications
    can be accessed here.