A guide for caring for people at the end of life

In 2015 the Grampians Region Palliative Care Consortium supported Central Grampians Palliative Care to produce a Carer’s guide that comprises a DVD, a key messages booklet and an attractive folder to store essential program information. The product was well received, not just on a client/carer level, but more from other Palliative Care providers who were searching for easy to access, compact training tools. In August 2016, Palliative Care Australia featured an article about the resource that in turn generated more than 130 requests for a copy.

Youtube has also proven to be a valuable medium for sharing information. One of the video segments “when death is near” has had over 249 000 hits. Other popular segments include practical advice such as hair washing in bed, using an overnight catheter and problems with a syringe driver, that have also attracted audiences of above 17 000 hits. Also “what to do when you’re having difficulty breathing” has had 26,000 hits.

Watch this space for direct access to this video!!!